Springtime in northern Albania sparks the herding of goats from the lowlands, up to the towering mountainsides.  Prek Gjoni is moving his livestock with the help of Jovalin. Will broken shoes and an umbrella suffice for the 4-day walk?


Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 – Short Doc Award Nominee

Film Festival della Lessinia 2018 – JURY award winner

DOKUFEST 2018 – Short Dox Competition


Director: Grégoire Verbeke
Photography: Grégoire Verbeke
Colorist: Bart Verraest
Editor: Grégoire Verbeke
Sound design & Mixing: Gedeon Depauw
Production assistants: Ardit Jubani & Enkeled Qosaj
Producer: Grégoire Verbeke

Festival distribution: Some Shorts

Length: 15′


bjeshkë (mountain)
Posted by Grégoire Verbeke on 30 April 2018

Grégoire Verbeke